Klansman confraternity in nigeria

A cult refers to a group of people with similar goals and interest it could be religious, social, spiritual or otherwise. This group could range from a small number of individuals to a large number of people. Its first established appearance was in the s. The argument on the true nature of a cult has been ongoing for centuries.

However with reference to the nature of cultism in Nigeria this group is defined as a violent group of individuals, whose ethics and views are mostly only understood by a very limited number of individuals. They are a dangerous group of people prone to violent practices at the slightest provocation. There are sometimes referred to by the term secret cult as their objectives are main known only to their members alone. Like any organization, they operate in hierarchy as they also have leaders and sub leaders.

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The first cult group in Nigeria was referred to as the Pyrates. It was formed by Wole Soyinka and six other students in This group also goes by the name National Association of Sea Dogs. Although this group is reported to have been harmless in its formative years, its creation eventually led to the establishment of many more cult groups over the years. These cult groups have mostly become a menace to society as they endanger the lives of not only its members but innocent individuals also, as they mostly made up of power hungry bullies.

These cults are also referred to as a confraternity. As earlier stated, the pyrates confraternity was the pioneer cult group in Nigeria and was set up in at the University College Ibadan. It was set up by seven students referred to as the magnificent seven. Their symbol constitutes an anchor, a skull and two crossed bones. This cult was never intended to be violent it was meant to be a gathering of people with academically and intellectually sound minds.

From this group, other confraternities were born. This cult was created by Bolaji Carew who after being expelled from the pyrates in for falling below the standard for membership of the pyrates, started this group alongside a few other expelled members.

This cult eventually grew to become an arch enemy of its mother cult. Their symbol is a skull flanked on both sides by two machetes and a single bone.

It was established by a group of students in the University of Benin in as a neo-black movement. This group was aimed at creating a stronghold which could withstand confrontation on behalf of black students.

It is said to be a movement which was started by a group of people from a Neo-black South African organization.

Their rules are never to betray, forgive and whoever goes against the rules has to pay the price. Their symbol is a black axe breaking the chains off two black fists. It was established in University of Ibadan in The symbol of this group is a black skull and two crossed bones beneath it.

They believe in discipline and the spirit of brotherhood. The confraternity is believed to have been started to promote self development.

The mafia confraternity also known as the family fraternity and ciaos sons was founded in It is structured after the Chicago mafia. Its pioneer members were eight in number. It began in the University of Ilorin and began functioning in Obafemi Awolowo University two years later. Its members are referred to as Mafians, they belief in secrecy, revenge and having fun.

klansman confraternity in nigeria

This club is next on the list; it is hardly considered a confraternity as most people would rather refer to it as a social club. They do not follow the rules and regulations of other cults but rather stand by their own rules which one of which is to remain true to themselves. This group is not of a violent nature as there has hardly been any record of such in the history of its creation.Klans Confraternity Songs Download Tags: klans confraternity in nigeria, klans confraternity logo, history of klans confraternity mp3 download, klansman confraternity in nigeria, klansman confraternity orientation, klansman confraternity music, klansman confraternity songs download, download klans gyration, klansman confraternity gyration mp3, k k confraternity, download ave sirs songs, ave sirs capping, kk gyration mp3, klans melly, klans confraternity orientation, klans confraternity mp3 download.

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Navigate The Contents hide. Klansmen kk. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Mixtapes May 22, About Blog Contact.The society today is affected by lots of negative things and Cultism is a major one among them. Cultism is very popular among the youths and doesn't only have effect on the individual but to relatives and even innocent lives.

Contents of this post includes What is Cultism? In modern English, a cult is a social group that is defined by its unusual religious, spiritual, or philosophical beliefs, or by its common interest in a particular personality, object or goal. The National Association of Seadogs, popularly known as Pyrates Confraternity is a confraternity organization in Nigeria that is nominally University-based.

The Skull and Bones is the choice logo of the Pyrates confraternity made by the Magnificent 7. Colored in red, black and yellow; the logo consists of a human skull and two cross bones thus injecting the perception of seeing its members as men of danger. Members are known as "Seadogs" and "Saylors. In Bolaji Carew and several others were expelled from the Pyrates for failing to meet expected standards. Some of their sayings include No price, no pay, no brothers in the wood, blood for blood.

Black Axe. This is also known as Neo Black Movement of Africa. The group was created during the - academic year by nine university of Benin undergraduate who were concerned about the plight of the Black man. The Black Axe still exists today and still recruit a lot of people mainly undergraduates. They believe that it is necessary to dominate than to be dominated.

It was created by three students who were once a part of the Pirates. Their motto is "Blood in the sea" and they prefer to sing pirates songs.

klansman confraternity in nigeria

The Supreme Eiyes was formed in at the University of Ibadan. Their main symbol is a skull and cross bones. Their main values are discipline.

They believe that there are no enemies or friends but the Confraternity. The K. It ideals were borrowed from a cult in California. Symbolized by a human skull, mostly that of a mad man. Tags Top Lists. Enthusiastic wealth blogger and more you can't comprehend. You might like View all. Post a Comment. Previous Post Next Post. Contact Form. LinkList ul li ul'.

Confraternities in Nigeria

Tabify by Templateify v1.This is a playlist mix of some of the top most download alora confraternity songs. Confraternity Prayer This could be manifested in rituals, praise songs, chants and worship. Klansmen Confratanity Melly.

Simpson in his feature film debutLola Falana and Linda Evans. It is an unquestionable practice that may be difficult to dislodge even with superior argument. The Klan has existed in three distinct eras at different points in time during the history of the United States.

Oath of secrecy abide to all members.

klansman confraternity in nigeria

Local Service. Kk 4, views. Francis' letters and the Rule of for the lay men and women in the Brothers and Sisters of Penance, also called the Order of Penitents. Other confraternities and their stories.

What a Friend We Have in Jesus. Status of other cult members are not considered or relevant. Tongs and outlaw motorcycle gangs, as well as terrorist, militant, and paramilitary groups, are mentioned if they are involved in criminal activity for funding. That does not mean that there were no personal songs.

Most of the fraternities were popularly referred to as Secret Cults. Confraternities in Nigeria are secret-society like student groups within higher education that have recently been involved in illegal and violent activities. Ina member of the Pyrates Confraternity, Bolaji Crew Code-named "Late Ahoy Rica Ricardo" and others were indifferent to the teachings and doctrine of the confraternity and as such, before one could say Jack Robinson, the birth of a new cult group named Buccaneer emerged structuring it styles and hierarchical structure after the Pyrates.

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The exact death toll of confraternity activities is unclear. Download Qdot new songs and Dj mix for free. The monodic songs can be sung as two- or threefold canons. Never to hang a leg. Enroll By Mail. Each has advocated extremist reactionary positions such as white nationalism, anti. Originally only a voice of sacred Moroccan sufism, and in their early repertoire, besides the invocation of saints and the jinn and the songs of praise of Allah, have a gripe songs of exile and death, and for this reason the musical style of this confraternity is melancholic.

Billions of MP3 Songs free Download. Monday Obeten May 12, at pm. It was created by three students who were once a part of the Pirates. Kk 2, views. It was founded students of University of Calabar. Klan Story - Duration: According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, a cult is a social group defined by its unusual religious, spiritual or philosophical beliefs, or its common interest in a particular, object or goal.

If this is anything to go by, a lot of people belong to a cult groups in Nigerian universities either knowingly or unknowingly whether they like or not. However, in the Nigeria context, a cult usually carries with it a bad name due to the violent attached to it. People see cults in Nigerian universities as a group of individuals with negative intend, prone to violence and whose views and ethics which are mischievous, are known to only them and a few other individuals.

Members of these groups are dangerous and are prone to violence in the slightest provocation. In Nigeria, they are also known as secret cults. These cult groups usually have sign, symbols and languages they use which are unique to them. Knowing these means getting a clue to know if someone is a cultist or not. This article contains a list of all cult groups in Nigerian Universities together with their symbols. This is the first confraternity in the Nigerian University. Anytime I see or hear this cult name or things associated with it, I think of one man and his good intention gone bad โ€” Professor Wole Soyinka.

Professor Wole Soyinka together with six of his friends at the University of Ibadan formed this confraternity. The mission of this confraternity was profoundly for the good of the less privileged, the oppressed and most importantly, bridging the tribal and social gaps between people, starting from their immediate students.

However, this mission was never achieved as there was a breakaway from the group which led to the creation of any cult group. Since the breakaway, the cult had been associated with series of violence related activities in schools. However, the cult claims they no longer operates in schools. Pyrate are the most popular cult group in the country and is registered as the National Association of Sea Dogs.

The symbol of this cult constitutes an anchor, a skull and two crossed bones. Members of these cults are known as Seadogs. This is another popular cult in Nigerian university that broke out from the Pyrate Confraternity. I stated that some members of the confraternity left and created their own cult. Buccaneers is the name of the cult and it genesis came when Bolaji Carew and some members were expelled from the pyrates in This was as a result of them not meeting the standard of the cult membership based on high academic and intellectual standards set by the sea-dogs.

Top 10 Cultist Groups in Nigeria And Their Symbol

The Buccaneers soon overthrew the biggest opponent of the Seadogs โ€” thus leading to violence. Because of the close relation with Seadogs, some of their ways mirrors that of the Seadogs. They are registered as the National Association of Sea Lords. The SeaLords symbol is a skull flanked on both sides by two machetes and a single bone. Their members are called Alora, Fine boys, Lords and Bucketmen.Confraternities in Nigeria are secret-society like student groups within higher education that have recently been involved in illegal and violent activities.

The exact death toll of confraternity activities is unclear. One estimate in was that people had been killed in campus cult-related murders in the previous decade, [1] while the Exam Ethics Project lobby group estimated that students and teachers had been killed between and Soyinka would later note that the Pyrates wanted to differentiate themselves from "stodgy establishment and its pretentious products in a new educational institution different from a culture of hypocritical and affluent middleclass, different from alienated colonial aristocrats".

When fellow students protested a proposal to build a railroad across the road leading to the university, fearing that easier transportation would make the university less exclusive, the Pyrates successfully ridiculed the argument as elitist.

Roughly analogous to the fraternities and sororities of North Americathe Pyrates Confraternity proved popular among students, even after the original members moved on. Membership was open to any promising male student, regardless of tribe or race, but selection was stringent and most applicants were denied.

For almost 20 years, the Pyrates were the only confraternity on Nigerian campuses. In the late s, campuses were roiled by the Nigerian Civil War. Details are contested, but it appears that in late Dr Bolaji Carew until time of death, former Provost of Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, and Kunle Adigun discontinued their loyalty to the Pyrates confratetnity. Reasons gathered are that the Pyrates fail to practise what it stands for, it does not uphold the creed and several illegal activities went unchecked.

The Pyrates Confraternity was founded to fight societal ills. Inin Jolly Rogers 1, Odas had ceased to be Odas, each and every creed of the Pyrates Confraternity was turned upside down with corruption and nepotism assuming exalted positions therein. The whistle of disintegration which had started to blow within the Pyrates Confraternity reached a crescendo in At this point odas had ceased to be odas, giving rise to chaos, anarchy, ridicule, suspension and expulsion.

At this juncture, two young gentlemen decided that the Pyrates confraternity had failed them and left and formed a new confraternity to uphold all the wrong doings the Pyrates had come to embrace. In reaction to this and other events, the Pyrates registered themselves under the name National Association of Seadogs NAS and, at least one source states, pulled the confraternity out of the universities.

A major impetus for the creation of new confraternities was the fact that members of the new groups simply did not meet the high academic and intellectual standards which arguable, but more fingers were pointed failed leadership within the Pyrate's fraternal order, and thus considered the original organization to have lost its core values and purpose of creation. Many Pyrates who didn't found the Pyrates young and old later denounced their membership and joined the Buccanneers for failed leadership reasons.

However, Soyinka would later point to individuals who became accustomed to exerting power in the rigidly hierarchical confraternity, and were unwilling to give it up, as to blame for the initial schism.

The Supreme Eiye Confraternity later metamorphosed into National Association of Airlords NAA in was formed in the University of Ibadan, making it the second oldest confraternity after the pyrate confraternity. In the s confraternities spread throughout the over institutions of higher education in the country. This time period saw a drastic change in the role of the confraternities.

klansman confraternity in nigeria

The coup of Ibrahim Babangida in caused a large degree of political tension. Military leaders, beginning in the s, began to see the confraternities as a check on the student unions and university staff, who were the only organized groups opposing military rule. The confraternities were thus provided payment and weapons to use against student activists, though the weapons were often used in deadly inter-confraternity rivalries.

Sociologist Emeka Akudi noted that some university vice-chancellors protected confraternities which were known to be violent and used them to attack students deemed troublesome.

In the early s, confraternity activities expanded dramatically in the Niger Delta as confraternities engaged in a bloody struggle for supremacy. Shortly after their arrival, several students were expelled from Abia State University for cheating and "cultism", a reference to the voodoo-practicing confraternities, which marked the beginning of a shift of confraternity activities from the university to off campus. The consolidation of confraternity activities outside Nigerian University campuses was boosted by the nationwide renouncement of cultism by university students and the breakdown of traditional campus cults all over the country as a result of amnesty granted to all renounced cultists at the onset of the present democratic government.

This led to migration of cultists from the campuses to residential neighbourhoods and streets as campuses were no more safe haven for them. Incompetence of government officials and inadequate facilities to police campuses by University Authorities led to the resurgence of cultism in the campuses as renounced cultists who could not be protected by the Law, went back to their cult groups to seek protection from rival groups who had discerned their identity as a result of the renouncement ceremony.

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Cult Groups in Nigerian Universities: Full List & Symbols

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